Rav Milim - A truly amazing tool for the learner of Modern Hebrew

Clear definitions - Sources and usage examples.

Synonyms - The most complete Hebrew Thesaurus in existence today.

Idioms and Phrases - Complete set for each word.

Rhyming - Automatic list of perfectly rhyming words.

Translation - Bi-directional: Hebrew-English and English–Hebrew.

Grammar incredibly accurate grammatical analysis of each word – root inflectional forms, Binyan, tenses, gender, Nikud (punctuation) and more.

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About Rav-Milim

Rav-Milim was developed by a team of leading Israeli linguists under the supervision of Prof. Yaacov Choueka, world renowned computational linguist, as part of a national project for computerization of the Hebrew language.

Use of Rav-Milim requires no former linguistic or computer knowledge. By simply typing in a word, in any form, an array of linguistic information is displayed, including the word Nikud. The dictionary includes 70,000 main entries covering all strata and styles of language, each with all of its inflectional forms, with clear explanations, sources and usage examples.

The dictionary is constantly updated, ensuring that all new words authorized by the Academy of the Hebrew Language, as well as all the latest technological and professional innovations, from a vast array of fields, will always be found in the dictionary.

Rav-Milim includes a complete Hebrew Language Laboratory that instantly analyzes each Hebrew word entered, even the most complex of forms, dissecting it into simple elements